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DJ grew up as a PK, moved around, joined the military, married a mermaid, and is currently engaged in this life.

Born in South Carolina, and raised in Florida then Maryland, he acquired an adventurous spirit that has allowed him to roam free. An avid reader, obsessive podcast listener, and lover of the great outdoors, DJ has gained a wealth of insight into the world. He is a coffee drinker by day and a tea drinker by night. 

DJ is an optimist and ENTJ, making him a very driven and open minded individual. He sets his mind to anything that comes his way, even if that means starting his own business straight out of leaving the Marines. He is open to what the world has to offer, what his friends and podcasts show hosts have to say, and what he himself can deliver. 

He continues to try new things, to learn more and challenge himself. His wife is encouraging him to pursue owning a cat with her, and he is optimistic enough to consider it.

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29 Palms, Los Angeles
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+Been Here used to live here, family here



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